Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Major Project Production Bike Parts #Cassette

 This is part two of the production on my bike model to follow on from the wheels. I thought making the cassette would be the next best object to create.

This was a lengthy process as I wasn't sure how to go about modelling the object as I wanted to first create a really high and dense model to then be baked onto one simple polygon. for this though I used the process of first working out how many teeth does each section have.  For this I used my local bike shop Kustombikes to which I personal went and found out. From the top to bottom they are as followed: 28,24,21,19,17,15,14,13,12,11.

To produce the object as is in the image I created a cylinder with double the amount of the teeth amount and extruded every other face. Then deleted all part from one section which then allowed me to focus down and make that one part to the correct shape. Once I was happy with the shape I centred the pivot point allowing me to rotate and create duplicates of the object which I then attached and then went through a lengthy process of connecting verts at each join of the different objects  

This image shows the next step and lower chain ring of the cassette.

I then decided to block in the remaining chain rings so that I could work out spacing and also to ensure I won't forget the teeth count. 

This is an image of all the chain rings at there base stage what's left to do is add some edge loops to the edges and turbo smooth to give it a more realistic representation of the real world object.

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