Tuesday 11 February 2014

Jacksonville Jaguars Locker Room

For a project at University we where given the task to create a low poly environment and a character bust both related to the same theme. There was a limit of 7500 Triangles for the environment and 12000 Triangles for the character bust. The project itself was broken down into two parts one was the environment and had to have a particular theme. These themes was given to use by the lecturer to chose from.

Create and texture a building from a licensed property that fits within defined technical parameters for
a game engine.

Choose one from the list and develop.

An urban alleyway from a gangster movie. E.g. Goodfellas, Reservoir Dogs, The French

The American Wild West. E.g. Red Dead Redemption, Six guns, Unforgiven.

A sports arena. FIFA, NASCAR, NHL hockey.

For this project I wanted to work on a sports themed environment and decided to work not on a stadium but focus more on behind the scenes in a sense and create a locker room.

For this I looked at many different sporting events to find the right one from football (Soccer), American Football (NFL) and Ice Hockey (NHL).

I managed to find the perfect environment which was the Jacksonville Jaguars locker room as its new 3 million Dollars made it the new and improved way of getting ready before the big games.

Found Below are some part of the document stage where I gathered some useful reference images for me to work from.

Production Stage Begins!!!!!!!

So To begin I Started Blocking the Textures in 3DS Max Making sUre that the Normal Maps and Spec Was working correctly within the package.

This Image Shows the Material setup I used for the Scene as you can see I created Material ID's for certain Objects this was so that different parts of the object could have different Textures for it to react to. For example The locker itself was made up of 3 Material ID's
1. Wood
2. Metal
3. Glow

After this I thought I would experiment with implementing some of my objects into the already created scene within the CryEngine Package. For me to do this I first had to create a Dummy for the Object and link them together, This was so that the Object had a easy assemble Pivot Point within the Engine. Secondly I had to use the CryEngine Exporter in 3DS Max to Export my mesh using the correct settings. Thirdly I needed to export my textures in the correct manner using the CryTiff plugin for PhotoShop.

These next set of Images shows the wire frames of the overall Scene and close up shots of areas that have key feature within the overall scene. 

The Next set of images shows the build up of the light setup used within the scene.

No Lights Has a HDRI Light Map for the sky light 

Added in the light source from the blue Emissive parts found in the lockers to add a much more realistic feel.

This was a test shot I did. I added a directional light on the side and rotated it round. I was unhappy with that choice of angel but however kept the light source. 

This Image shows a Screen grab of the scene in Marmoset 2, showing how I have created a range of light sources to mimic the light objects in the scene.

After creating the main light sources for the scene I recreated the directional light kept the brightness to a minimum making sure its purpose was just to ensure the dark areas of the scene wasn't completely blacked out.

 These Images Show render tests of the lockers with all texture sheets applied ( Diffuse, Normal, Specular and Emissive)  With the use of the blue light it helped make the lockers stand out more.

 After finishing the locker section of the scene I moved on to finishing adding in the textures to the rest of the scene. Images below show the overall scene lit and then followed again by close up shots of key areas.

Finally Here are the Final Major Objects and the breakdown of the Textures used.

Final Triangle Count: 7499

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