Friday 4 September 2015


Carrying on From my last post this is part to of the Interior and the seat rail.

Creating This mesh was difficult due to creating the holes in which the bolts fit in. However created the base of the mesh using splines and then made it into an edit poly to edit to suit my needs and allow me to boolean the holes, I tidied the mesh after doing the boolean.

Blocked out the remaining rail system using basic objects and spline techniques. 

Create more detail inside the rail section itself.

Where the holes where on the legs I used as a template to create the washer and bolt and then removed the hole as there was no need for that detail as it will no longer be seen. 

Created some smaller detailed object like the window opener and inside door handle.

Blocked in a simple handbrake which personally don't like so will most like change that when I go back and edit things.

Created the gear stick from a sphere and cylinder will properly smooth this later on. 

Created a role cage for inside the car using splines. 

Decided I didnt like the look of the rims so went back and modelled these instead as wanted to make it more like the MK1 out of Fast 6