Thursday 22 May 2014

Major Project Production #Environment Jump

Final asset for to create was most likely the most important one for the scene the jump section. 

This was built out of simple boxes then I applied a texture I created ready for unwrap.

I worked out the characters height but also the height he would be possibly on the bike at this point to work out the height of the roof.

I then began to unwrap the planks and spread them out to they dont look to repeated.

Further down the line of unwrapping 

Complete Unwrapped 

Major Project Production #Environment Wall Ride

The next major asset on the list was the wall ride.

The first stage was building a basic frame to fit the wall ride to, For this I create an object from a cube to represent the wooden planks.

I created one of the wall ride planks and tried duplicating it around a spline this became unsuccessful so decided to do them by hand. This was a bad mistake straight way and instead deleted them and started again by duplicating the mesh around 70 and them combined the meshes to create a single mesh which was then bent around a certain angle.

This is what I finally came up with when I used the bend modifier.

I then decided that to add decals to break up the mesh.

This is just the wall ride itself in cryengine as a quick test 

Major Project Production #Environment Jump Landing

So for the landing of the jump I took this image as my man reference for texturing the log parts of the model.

Its from the racing game Motor Storm which is a PlayStation exclusive.

To begin I started by creating the landing ramp itself this will be textured with a mud and grass like texture.

Once I got the shape of the ramp the way I wanted I created the logs, I Created one then unwrapped the mesh before duplicating the mesh.

I created two texture sheets for the logs just like the reference one for the main log texture the other for the ends.

This is a final mesh textured in view port of 3ds max.

Major Project Production #Environment Tents

Next asset to create was the event tents.

For this I created a thin box and beveled the top face while merging verts. For the support legs they are 8 side cylinder with the bottom and top removed.

Here is the large tent texture sheet Diffuse.

Heres the diffuse for the small Tents

In max screen shot of them textured.

Major Project Production #Environment Barriers

The crowd Barriers was the next asset on the list for me to create.

To start with I created a spline in the right shape. By using the Loft tool I was able to create this shape, But also allowed me to quickly UV the object as the same time.

After this I created a 5 sided cylinder, removing the top and bottom as they would never be seen. I correctly unwrapped the model and then duplicated it 12 times.

I created a very basic Cylinder for the leg stand while also deleting the top and bottom once again. I the mirrored the object to the other side to finally complete one leg. I then duplicated the mesh down the object.

Quick render preview of the mesh in marmoset.

Wednesday 21 May 2014

Major Project Production #Environment Banners

For the banners I started with just basic Meshes.

These are the meshes I went with.

I ensured all the banners to fit on one UV sheet. I created two different Diffuse maps to break up the repetitiveness.

This is the second Diffuse 

This is the normal map I created from NDO using an image of fabric.

Quick render test in marmoset before cryenigne

Banners Imported to Cryengine.

Major Project Production #Environment Dead Branches

From Using existing meshes from my tree I was able to quickly come up with an idea for dead branches to lay across the track.

This is the meshes I created from existing branches very simple as they will only be on screen for a few seconds.

Here they are finished in engine 

Major Project Production #Environment Ferns

For the ferns I created a plane and subdivided it to be 3 by 2 and bent it accordingly, I also UV mapped the plane to hit the UV space length ways. 

Image Shows the plane I created 

After that I duplicated the mesh multiple time arranged them as followed 

Shows what it would look like with texture.

I also created another Mesh and this is what it looks like as a model

With texture

The image above shows the process in which need to export to engine first create a dummy and then link it to the object through a graph like structure then. Make sure you have a crytek shader as the applied shader and use the exporter.

Both meshes in the Engine with the correct material setup.

Major Project Production #Environment Bushes

The next object I decided to create was bushes, this was so that I kept the consistency with the trees etc.

 To start creating my bushes for my game environment I started with the tree branches I created for the pine tree's. Created the main form from three different branches and then also altered them slightly.

I then created a plan and while doing so ensured that it was unwrapped filling the UV space, this usually does this automatically but wanted to be on the safe side. I then duplicated it many times while also changing the size and rotation this took a while. I wanted to show first the grey version.

 This is was what I was actually working with to give me the feel of where the branches need to go etc.

As I imported the mes into marmoset I noticed something strange my textures flipped so changed them. This was a test before putting it into engine.

This image shows what the fix version looks like.

Second bush was again taken from a branch from the tree's I made.

Again grey out version of the mesh to show what it really looks like without textures.

This is the object in 3ds max with textures.

Finally placed in marmoset before exporting into engine.

Keeping with the same fashion of the tree's I decided to make three bushes this one being the smallest.
There for not needing a branch. Grey out frame of the mesh.

Actual mesh and texture I used to get the idea of shape.

Marmoset improt before engine 

Finally started to get the bushes into the engine. Before doing so I setup Material ID's for the object so that it came in as one mesh. Allowing each part to have a different texture.

All Three lined up in engine 

Material setup.