Wednesday 13 April 2016

EGX Creative Assembly GAME JAM 2016

I was luckily enough one of few people to get selected to take part in the event at EGX REZZED. I entered as a solo artist to which the team at and creative assembly staff selected my team mates. by fate I ended up with some really nice people.

Ross Anderson- Game Designer 
Haley Ashby- Programmer 
Andrew Stewart -Programmer
Emma Williamson - Artist
Andrew Pearce - Sound Designer

We decided to create a game using Game Maker as this was a piece of software that everyone's machine could run on the day. I was happy with the decision however I knew that it would resolve in me using my 2D / Drawing skills which are at a good standard but lack behind my 3D.   

I was given the task of creating the environment elements and other smaller elements in the game, While Emma focused on the character and shark. To begin with I created the musical notes created with and without a black outline as requested by the designer Ross From that I got given the task of the cassette tape which was an image taken online and then edited to fit the purpose needed. 

The major task handed to me was the clouds and for this I wanted to use my 3D skills and create something stylised. This was done by using 3DS Max and creating a range of different size spheres and rendering them out from Marmoset 2 as PNG's.  The finished collection is the image above. However the single elements didn't make it into the final game they were used to create back ground image.

From the clouds the team wanted me to create the background image and requested it had a pink/purple colour to it. I instantly thought of Bit trip runner 2. This was a challenge as I needed to create the gradient but also allow the image to title for the purpose of the game. After hard work and multiple times of trying I managed to get it done final result found above. 

The image above shows the rest of the elements created for the project which include the cassette tape,back ground image, Balloon Shark ( I created the balloon section while Emma Created the Shark), The Mines that sadly didn't make it to the game and finally the button icon UI elements.

This is the Title screen created by Emma using the background Image of the game.

Image of the gameplay.

Check out the video of the Game Jam.