Saturday 14 May 2016

Garage Scene 2.0 Part 1

After finally finishing the modelling and texturing of the Ford Escort MK1. I decided to have a look back at the overall scene and decided I wasn't happy with the environment that the car would be set in. This was down to the purpose of the scene, It felt random like why would a shiny well looked after show car be in a run down american garage. For that reason I revisited the scene and began reconstructing it.

Went through loads of different ideas, however ended up sticking with the one below.

Firstly I brought in a combined mesh of the car to use as a template on size and placement within the scene.
I structured the garage using a modular approach ensuring that the measurements for objects such as the windows were the same all the way round etc. After finalising the concept and shape I moved onto adding the detail. By adding window frames and glass and doors leading to what would be the apartment and garden. 

Went about adding skirting boards using splines and loft function.

I added more detail to the roof trying to give more character to the scene and not just a plain flat roof. I also added a lot of spot lights as wanted to ensure the scene would be well light for real life purposes.

Ended up having to add some more modular walls in to either side of the front. This was due to the size of the garage doors. From that i was able to create again one door and duplicate it.

I wanted some objects on the wall to break up the emptiness and negative space. 

I also added a TV to the scene as wanted to have a video clip of some sort on a loop for the player to experience.

I went through and unwrapped both UV channels. One being for colour information and the other for light map. This was done using a script to auto generate the light map making a quicker process. From there I created material and material ID's for the scene.

As the room was created from a plane I need to shell the object and create an outer layer to create shadows correctly.

Once that was all done I used another plug-in script called TSTools to export all the meshes at once.

I added lights and simple materials as a base to work from.