Monday 27 April 2015

Ford Escort MK1 Model For Car Garage Scene

I moved on to focusing on the main asset in the scene the Car itself .

I downloaded the blue prints from a website and set them up in Max. Started blocking in the front of the car 

From there I was able to carry on and finish the basic form and body of the exterior.

Back section of the car.

Then started to add the more finer details to the body work like the grill headlights and chrome bumpers.

by using this technique of modelling everything from the same mesh I was able to easy extract each major part of the body work to which add thickness and detail.

I then added more detail to each section of the car. Finally finishing up the modelling of the exterior. 

I began unwrapping the mesh the images below show the stages.

Final image shows the cars unwrap.

I then went through all the objects in the scene and applied there own shader for when in unreal.

This is the Multi-Sub object with the shaders used. 

Car Garage Scene Environment Props WorkFlow

For this Project I wanted to create a small classic feeling garage that everyone can relate to. I started By creating a range of props from tool boxes, car jack, Tire racks, ladder, small radio and wall mounted pictures and mains.

This image shows the top section of the tool box I created this by using separate boxes as like the real world object to make it more realistic firstly but secondly make it modular at the same time allowing me to change and create more variety later on in the project if need be.

Close Up for the lower part and the wheels, I gave the wheels alot of polygons as wanted to ensure they kept the shape and form could of most likely got them slightly lower and played with the smoothing groups to get the same effect.

Here's a look at the final tool box object. After completion I started to create the smoothing groups.

Then moved onto the next step which was to unwrap the object.

As there will be a range of objects sharing the same material/shader I created a multi-sub material with a range of materials for me to assign for export into the unreal scene.

The radio came from a idea that every mechanic has some sort of music device in their garage and again I went with a small sleek simple design instead of a huge boombox like sound system.

The next of the assets was the tire rack I designed this one from reference. This however was unwrapped and smoothing groups applied, but had a different material assigned for export.

The car jack object was fun to create as it had a few difficulties while creating, however I was able to be resourceful and reuse some of the objects from the tool box to create the car jack. 

Another View of the car jack 
AS you can see I also reused the material/shaders for the car jack as from my references they looked the same.
The ladder was a simple design I went with the option of the support hinges crossing over 2/3 up the ladder instead of the more complex ones as wanted the design to be simplistic but eye catching. This object was unwrapped with several parts overlaying each other for example each step is overlaying in the UV set 1. this was to make texturing a faster process. 

Another view of the ladder. Same again used the same multi-sub and also some assets from the toolbox.

I created a low poly pallet to be placed in the corner of the room. Made it as low as possible as its not going to get much screen time. Unwrapped with a wooden texture created in Photoshop.

For the wall of the garage I wanted to try and give it as much natural light as I could give it so every other section of the wall had a huge window. I created the wall by two sections one being the complete wall brick textured and the other having the huge window frame. I ensured that they kept as two different objects when imported to engine for ease of use.

All was unwrapped and materials tested before export. Also Wire frame enabled. 

Created some pipe work the same length as the wall sections again to keep the assets in that modular format. 

The begin blocking out the poster and signs to be wall mounted all unwrapped and marked up to the texture I created in Photoshop.

To add more detail to the wall and ensure it didn't look bare I created a Power mains board with a range of buttons and light up sections. Unwrapped and applied texture I created in Photoshop. 

Finally I created a plane for the glass in the window and also the floor object for the scene, While also Finishing up the posters and signs