Saturday 21 November 2015


Part 3 of the process of making the MK1 and it shows me following up on modelling unwrapping and creating shader colour ID's fort the car ready for import to Unreal.

This image shows the the final mesh with the shader ID's found in the material Editor.   

Final Mesh with material ID's set up. 

Shader render of the seat and harness.

Wireframe of the seat and harness. 

Close up of the harness connections to the car body.

Complete Harness (WireFrame). 

Final dash gadgets.

Complete pedals wireframe. This was a challenge for me to create as it was hard to get good references from all angles. The reason I went with a floor mounted pedal box was it fits the characteristics of the car plus made sense as my dash didn't come down lower enough for the pedals to come from the bottom of the dash. 

Shader Version Of pedals.

Went back and recreated the handbrake using a more professional racing drift/rally type of handbrake.

Added the mesh smooth to the gear stick and also added the metal frame to which the attaches the gear stick to the main shell of the car.

Went back and double checked the exterior and miss the window wipers so created a simple design which will be chrome.

I also remodelled the wing mirrors to go with the look of the MK1 out of Fast 6.