Wednesday 21 May 2014

Major Project Production Bike Parts #New Texture Sheets

The same problem that happened with my character happened with my bike, This was down to overlapping UV space and other similar issues. To solve them I needed to redo the unwraps of both the frame and fork textures, this took many hours as it wasn't just a quick fix. It took me till the fourth attempt to succeed in getting the right unwrap for this object to work.

This is the new diffuse what I needed to do was recreate the frame from the image I took online. This was simple to a certain degree as I had reference unfortunately I came across an issue where writing would be on the top tube so decided to leave it out as it didn't really effect the over all look anyway. I also had to replicate the saint logo found on the crankarms to make it much sharper, will also adding brand names to certain objects like the Funn stem and Avid Code brakes. I created an AO pass from high poly meshes I baked, For example the frame, rotor and handle bars. The rotor was baked in 3ds max while the frame and bars was baked in X-normal. As I decided to import the bars and frame into zbrush and apply a simple light noise to the surface to give it some effect. 

For the normal map I complied the bakes from both X-normal and 3ds max to create the final outcome. 

The spec Map was created with NDO using the normal maps as the input.

This was the next texture that needed to be changed, While trying to keep most of the stuff I already baked out with like the chain, cassette and spokes. But after slaving for hours I managed to come up with this texture sheet followed by more bakes like the shock area and barend caps. Sadly I have learned from my mistake and should not of but all these meshes on the sheet as you can tell some of them are flat colour and could of been avoided with just a simple shader instead. 

Normal maps consists of bakes from both max and X-normals, While the Fox decal was done with NDO.

The spec Was created by using NDO once again.

For my rubber and leather texture sheet though nothing changed and was able to compile all the textures easy enough.

Images taken from online sources and then photoshoped to fit in its place for the tire logos while the rest was baked out from Zbrush and X-normals.

I then followed the same process again for the normal map.

Spec map was again created with NDO.

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