Tuesday 18 October 2016

Kukri Blade High Poly Project Part 2

Now becomes the production of the High Poly one of the reasons for this project. As personally I typically use the the turbosmooth and hard edge loops to create my high poly, However Tim shows the crease edge and open sub division high poly technique. I found this really easy to understand and useful. I could see why some artists like to use this technique. But as with most techniques there's pros and cons.

This image shows the low poly mesh that I'm using as a base to create the high with the use of open sub division modifier on it. I selected the edges needed and ensured they had high crease values found in the edge selection options.

After finishing the blade I decided to create the blade handle indent parts this was created from a plane and modelled into shape. I then rotated it into position and duplicated it several times while scaling where needed to get the desired look. 

I then went back to creating the high poly mesh of the handle base using the open subdivision method. Went smoothly until I came into an issue where I created a fine extrusion to split the handle into the two material parts. I had to tweak the low poly mesh to get the high subdiv high poly to line up the way I needed it to.

This was the final out come of the high poly mesh.

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