Monday 24 October 2016

Kukri Blade UV Unwrap Project Part 3

The final stage of the modelling was unwrapping the model.  I started the way I have with the other two stages with the blade section. 

I began with breaking the two major faces off this was the bulk of the work done on the blade section. The major work was the top and bottom sections of the blade.

This was the unwrap of the blade mesh after I completed the top and bottom sections.

I moved on to the handle section of the blade this was simpler than the blade to complete as the bulk of it was one UV shell. 

After completion of both the sections of the blade I merged the mesh together, this was so that I could do two things one was to get the blade and handle to fit in the UV space desired 2048x1024. I also used tex tools to get smoothing groups from UV shells. 

Lastly for the export I had to fit the UV into 1 by 1 texture coordinates. The reason for it was for the texturing process as going to use substance painter which only accepts 1 by 1. However can change once in SP. 

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